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Louis Gubitosi is a web and print designer from New Jersey. Follow Lou's daily design links on Twitter, and make sure you check out community for the latest in web related news and trends.

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  1. Jerlyn

    awesome! Thanks for posting :-D! I will check these people out as well

  2. thomas

    hey hey :) thx for including me !

  3. Chad Engle

    Thanks for including me as well! Good group of folks there :)

  4. Pariah Burke

    Great list! Thank you for including me!

  5. Samuel Garneau

    Thanks for including Web Little Pieces (@weblittlepieces) in your list. Glad to see that my tweets are appreciated ;) I’ll take a look at all these tweeple for sure.


  6. Robert Banh

    It’s a list of all my friends :)
    Thanks for including me!

  7. Kawsar Ali

    Yess Yes I seee!! I made the list..lolz thanks for including good job buddy

  8. mick

    wow, I’m honoured :)

    thanks louis

  9. brandi

    Awesome list! Thanks for including me on this!

  10. Naldz Graphics

    Great list :) thanks for the include :)

  11. Quan Vu

    Thank you for including me on this awesome list!

  12. Josh Frankel

    Hey thanks for the include this is a pretty VIP list!

  13. Hein Maas

    Hey, nice big list with creative people, and thx for including me ;)

  14. Jin

    Hey Louis, thanks for including me in the list! :D

  15. Gaya

    Awesome list Louis! Thanks for including me. You’d definitely be on my fav list!

  16. Matt Richardson

    Hey! That’s me up there. :) Thanks for including me on your list! Great list :)

  17. Rob MacKay

    haha awesome group :D

  18. cheth

    hey there! thanks for including me :)

  19. Brian Cray

    Nice approach to your recommendations (and good recommendations I do say so myself, I follow most of these people and I don’t follow many)

  20. Jeremy

    Nice idea! A lot easier to follow this way. These are definitely all good people, I am honored to have been included! Thanks much.

  21. Grace Smith

    Hi Louis :-) Thanks for including me with such cool twitter peeps!

  22. Dave Cardoza

    Louis! This is great! Thank you for the include. This is definitely a list of really amazing peeps. Keep the innovation coming!

  23. Misty Belardo

    Thank you Louis for including me on your fabulous list. Awesome to be part of a great group of tweeps = ) Cool idea!

  24. Nick Pagano

    Quite the list! :) Some very talented people up there. I feel very honored to be mentioned along side them. Thanks!

    Keep up the great work man!

  25. Fuad Ahasan Chowdhury

    I’m not in the list :( . hehe :p I’ll try to follow these greaT people. btw mine is “fuadahasan”

  26. websnacker

    Birds of great feather flock together.


  27. Chris Rossi

    Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful list :)
    I love way you presented it with the avatars – very nice, great idea :)

    Chris :)

  28. Mandi Leman, Blellow CEO

    Proud to be in such great company! :)

  29. Robin Wood

    Terrific list. Thanks so much for the include!

  30. Richard Darell

    Wow! Thanks man for the inclusion! You rock buddy! Keep up the great work!

  31. AtlastDave

    Thanks for the include! you the man.

  32. WPstudios

    Can you believe it ? I’ve just realized to be in such a great people list ! Thank you soooo much :)

  33. Daniel Errante

    Thanks for the include! Definitely follow @iblend – Louis posts great stuff


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