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Free Adobe CS6 Vector Icons for Download

With the new release of Adobe Creative Suite 6, I thought it would be cool to create some vector icons. Enjoy!

Download the .EPS FILE or the .AI FILE

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Louis Gubitosi is a web and print designer from New Jersey. Follow Lou's daily design links on Twitter, and make sure you check out community for the latest in web related news and trends.

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  1. verpixelt

    Thanks for this freebie. And it should be called “Download the .eps-file or the ai-file” not AL ;)

  2. Isaac Grayisaacgc

    Still not sold on the color scheme :/

  3. Kyle

    Thanks Louis for the vector set, I was going to have to create these myself.
    I’ll have to add vector gradients myself, but you saved me a lot of work!

  4. Jamie

    Thanks heaps guys. Handy to have these.

  5. PhillPhillipeCedro


  6. Bionik

    Thanks, I was looking for this

  7. Ashley

    Thanks so much! This is super helpful (:

  8. GavinOrangeDropSW

    Thanks so much for these! Thought I would scour the net before knocking some up in illustrator myself… You have just saved me a Saturday my friend ; )

  9. Sonica

    Thanks… I loved the set but I don’t know how to use it with the clipping masks. I have CS3 so that might be a limitation for me to be able to edit the vector individually. Any tips?

  10. Sonica

    Thanks… I loved the set but I don’t know how to use it with the clipping masks. I have CS3 so that might be a limitation for me to be able to edit the vector individually. Any help?

  11. Sonica

    Thanks – these are awesome. Can I use them individually?

  12. Pathum

    Thanks! this is really helpful.

  13. Talon Godin

    It won’t let me download for some reason. Might just be my computer, but I’m not sure.

  14. isak

    I love you for this! <3

  15. mohamed

    thanks for this its amazing im using it on my cv

  16. Amin

    Thanks, that was useful for me :)

  17. Rich Armstrongtech4000

    Thanks a ton for these, saved me in a pinch!

  18. Annetteannettetaylorde

    Great logos thank you for these.

  19. Robert Farrellthinklearnearn

    Great Job my friend – What typeface did you use – I need to create for Adode Edge, Reflow, Inspect etc – thanks again RF

  20. Peterpistolpetr

    Many thanks. Surprising Adobe only has shitty 50x50px png versions of most of these on their site

  21. Yenya

    Thank you so much…I don’t have to worry about recreating these logos. Have a wonderful weekend :D

  22. salma

    muchas gracias por el enlace :)

  23. FlaviaFlaviaJurca

    Thank you Louis, you had a great idea with these icons!
    It’s also very generous of you to share them.

  24. Pancapecintavektor

    I just bookmark this page for my inspiration in vector works.

    Big thanx :)

  25. JudyAnn Dutcher

    These are perfect.

  26. Free

    Thanks Broo!

  27. Jaykeejaykeemen

    Thanks for the icons Men

  28. Rohbits

    Thanks for the free work. Guys like you are an inspiration. You Proved that “Best things in life comes in without a price tag”. Thanks a lot. Loved it. Awesome.

  29. Ted Peterson

    Look great – thanks!

  30. Leo MottaLeoMottaEver

    Thanks for this ! ! !

  31. alan luna

    Thaaaanks alot Louis.

    You made me win a fantastic few sleeping hours

    greetings from México!!

  32. smoothgraphix

    Thanks a lot. Great freebie

  33. Jez EMIN

    Thanks – I needed these for a project I am working on and you’ve saved me a lot of time :)

  34. Pablo Castro

    Thanks a lot !

  35. André

    Thanks for saving my time!

  36. Gianni

    thanks a lot bro

  37. Jennifer Curtiss

    Thanks for doing the work for us :-) Will use these in student resource site. Much appreciated.


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