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Custom Front-end and Back-end Development Services

Fun fact: It takes only 0.05 seconds for your website visitors to decide whether they’ll stay on your page or leave. Fifty milliseconds. That’s all the time you have to convince people you’re worth their time before they decide to move on to something better. In short, you’ve got a lot riding on those precious 50 milliseconds.

First impressions last
Your website reflects your brand and how you treat your customers. A beautiful and optimized website will keep leads on your page, while an outdated one will drive them away.

Ease of access
Unlike brick and mortar stores, a website is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. The more convenience your website provides, the more likely your customers will come back.

Trust and professionalism
A great website will help build brand awareness and customer trust. And once customers trust you, the more likely they are to remain on your site and make repeat purchases.

Custom website development in New Jersey

Mobile Optimization
Without a responsive and mobile-friendly website, you’re losing out on hundreds of potential leads. Our mobile design services ensure your site performs well on any device. We enhance navigation, re-optimize images, and increase load speed to provide optimal customer satisfaction.

Front-end development services
Our websites don’t just look great, they’re fast and responsive. Combining flawless coding with user-friendly designs, we deliver beautiful and responsive websites users can’t help but love.

Back-end development services
Behind every website we build is a seamless, custom back-end code that ensures everything is in order. All of our back-end solutions are user-friendly, and we also provide you with a manual on how to edit everything in the dashboard. This way, you can make changes to your site at anytime.

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How we develop your website
Our web development services follow a structured process that has proven efficient over the years. Beyond it, we can also provide regular support and aftercare to ensure optimal digital success.

Step 1: Design
We will go through your business objectives and draft initial concepts around your goals.

Step 2: Development
Once we have received your feedback, we will start coding your unique website.

Step 3: Testing
We triple-check your website’s efficiency on a range of desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Step 4: Launch
Once everything’s good to go, it’s time to show your website to the world.
Technologies we leverage

We’ve been building websites and apps on a variety of platforms for years. Not to brag, but our proficiency in various platforms has earned us the trust of leading brands across industries.

Custom development
– Laravel
– Cake PHP
– Zend
– CodeIgniter

CMS development
– WordPress
– Drupal
– HubSpot

E-commerce development
– Magento
– Shopify
– OpenCart

Advanced Javascript
– Angular
– React

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User-centric web development
A website is only as good as its user experience. Whether it’s an internal business associate, an external client, or a consumer on the other side of the screen, the success of your site—and sometimes the sanity of those using it—relies on a seamless user experience (UX). User experience is about much more than just the site’s usability, and it’s often confused with user interface (UI). User interface is a point of interaction between a person and system, and it’s just a small part of the user experience as a whole. Bored yet? We hope not! Our team uses industry best practices for both UX and UI, and we’ve even developed a set of internal tools to help create the best UX and UI possible for your site to satisfy user needs.

We’re professional web design and development agency that is based here in New Jerey. We are experts in customizing creative, modern designs for all screen sizes and platforms, including iOS, Android, tablets, and watches. We carefully follow industry guidelines to master the look, feel, and usability of each platform. We also provide client-centered web design for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices in Full HD quality. For us, no idea is too big or small.

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