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Large CSS Designs in 2008

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The new trend with web design is that a lot of designers are starting to use the large background technique and utilizing Javascript frameworks (such as jQuery and MooTools) to enhance the user experience. I’m also starting to see a lot of designers mix flash with CSS. Is this something we can expect to see more of in 2009?

Future of Web Apps – Miami 2009

Future of Web Design – NYC 2008


Luke Larsen

Design Disease



Go To China

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  1. Jeremy Fagergren

    Another one like these is one I did recently.

  2. louisgiblend

    Hey Jeremy, I really like what you’ve done here…. say goodbye to 800×600 resolution!

  3. Arthur Brown

    Wow these designs are great. I like the larger layouts hopefully we will indeed see the end of the 800×600 resolution.

  4. Rahul

    Oh yes, 800 * 600 is far gone now. As a designer, I’ve also opted for 1024 screen resolution now.

  5. LaurenMarie - Creative Curio

    Speaking of mixing Flash and CSS, have you seen Meomi? I think this is a really neat (and cute!!) way to add Flash in order to, well, add some flash to the site w/o it being annoying.

  6. Louis Gubitosiiblend

    @LaurenMarie – Creative Curio: Thanks… I like how this isn’t overdoing it with flash.. great example!

  7. Desiztech

    Nice post man! I have seen the fish one before…really well designed and unique

  8. maria

    well, there are a lot of people and companies that still use 800 x 600 as default. we can’t ignore them. once again, target public must be analised before everything.

  9. Jeremy

    I love the fish one. It’s simple but extremely well done, an old time favorite!

  10. Nenad Petkovic

    I like the designs listed here. As a psd “cutter/slicer” :) , I’m also starting to learn som js framework, especially because of my new service that I’ll start offernig very soon.

  11. rob

    There’s also

  12. Ben Sky

    Love this collection, very clever use of backgrounds, love the way August & China resize to window size, great stuff.

  13. Desing Leeds

    Thanks, great and very interesting read. I love the simple ones best!

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