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What is Forrst?

Forrst – inspired by micro-blogging services like Tumblr and Twitter – is a place for designers and developers to share inspiring code, screenshots, and links with their peers. In order to keep the quality of the community as high as possible, Forrst employs an invite-only model for new users.

Kyle Bragger is the founder of Forrst and has been developing for about 13 years. is where he blogs and is where he shares dev/design stuff.

“My goal for Forrst is to keep nurturing community growth, and creating a place in which any developer or designer passionate about their craft feels at home.” – Kyle

How do I win an invite?

  1. Leave a comment below posting a link to your favorite piece of work you’ve produced.
  2. In your comment, tell me why this is your favorite piece of work or how you can contribute to the community.

So its competition time!

If I think you’re work and passion qualify to belong to the Forrst community, I will choose up to three portfolios from the comments below and you will receive an email invite from Forrst. I will announce winners on this blog and on Twitter some time on Friday (12/17).

If you’re already a member, follow me on Forrst!


  • Hello.
    This is one work I love:
    I like it because it has a beautiful design and aesthetics: I worked very hard do make a good copy and attract people to the project. I really like the colors and the food metaphor.

    On the other hand I love the project itself: it’s helping people all over the world with their projects and their work everyday. It’s cool to share.

    That’s also how I plan to use forrst: helping out and sharing good ideas and vibrations. 🙂

  • I am an avid member. AWESOME COMMUNITY!

  • Hi Louis.
    Here’s something I made tonight:
    I had the domain name registered anyway, so I decided to try and turn it into an online business card sort of thing.

    I’d contribute to the Forrst community by learning as much as I can from others who are there and by exercising creativity. I think Forrst would be a great place for me as a developer who wants to learn more about design.


  • @Stefan: Thanks, I will let you know if I need them.

  • Hey Louis if it’s ok with you I can give you another 3 invitation for the contest.

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