Large CSS Designs in 2008

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The new trend with web design is that a lot of designers are starting to use the large background technique and utilizing Javascript frameworks (such as jQuery and MooTools) to enhance the user experience. I’m also starting to see a lot of designers mix flash with CSS. Is this something we can expect to see more of in 2009?

Future of Web Apps – Miami 2009

Future of Web Design – NYC 2008


Luke Larsen

Design Disease



Go To China


  • Thanks, great and very interesting read. I love the simple ones best!

  • Love this collection, very clever use of backgrounds, love the way August & China resize to window size, great stuff.

  • There’s also

  • I like the designs listed here. As a psd “cutter/slicer” 🙂 , I’m also starting to learn som js framework, especially because of my new service that I’ll start offernig very soon.

  • I love the fish one. It’s simple but extremely well done, an old time favorite!

  • well, there are a lot of people and companies that still use 800 x 600 as default. we can’t ignore them. once again, target public must be analised before everything.

  • Nice post man! I have seen the fish one before…really well designed and unique

  • @LaurenMarie – Creative Curio: Thanks… I like how this isn’t overdoing it with flash.. great example!

  • Speaking of mixing Flash and CSS, have you seen Meomi? I think this is a really neat (and cute!!) way to add Flash in order to, well, add some flash to the site w/o it being annoying.

  • Oh yes, 800 * 600 is far gone now. As a designer, I’ve also opted for 1024 screen resolution now.

  • Wow these designs are great. I like the larger layouts hopefully we will indeed see the end of the 800×600 resolution.

  • Hey Jeremy, I really like what you’ve done here…. say goodbye to 800×600 resolution!

  • Another one like these is one I did recently.

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