40 “About the Author” Examples

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I’m in the middle of thinking about how I can change the look and feel of my ‘Author box’ to make it look more attractive and look more like it was created by a web designer (cause right now it’s average at best)…

I decided to visit some of my favorite websites from around the web world to see how it’s supposed to be done.

FYI: Most of these images had to be sized down to fit the width of my blog (another thing I need to fix down the road), but you can see them in action by clicking on the image. Enjoy.

In conclusion, I’ve realized a list of similarities that most of these sites share:

(1) A way to differentiate the box from the rest of the site to make it pop whether it is outlined or a different color.
(2) Image (gravatar) of the author, usually on the left side.
(3) Title that reads “About Me” or “About the Author”
(4) Short description or bio
(5) One or two links: usually the Author’s portfolio and a way to contact them through social media (most common is twitter)


  • Was looking for author bio example and found your site. Nice collection. Thank you so much

  • thanks! I was looking for some good examples to pilfer , um I mean, get inspiration from 🙂

  • Hi, I think u should update your post, because I think there are even cooler about the author examples.. :))

  • Thank you Louis 🙂

  • I’m not sure of any plugins, but here’s a good article that can walk you through the steps –

  • They ate really nice.. How can I add my bio below the post. Any good plugin for it.

  • @Carson Shold: Carson, check this post out by Chris Spooner – How to Create an Author Info Section in WordPress:

  • This is my “about the author” example, with B/W pictures (multiple authors).

  • ah. now I see I need to improve that part of my website haha. thanks for the include + the heads up!
    Cool post for inspiration!

  • Some tell about themselves interestingly, I love it. I should have the “about author” for my blog soon.

  • Nice round up… cool take on rad blog elements!

  • These are awesome! What plugin should I use to create one of these for my blog?

  • very nice post.

  • Loads of great designs there, thanks for including Pro Blog Design in your showcase as well! 🙂

  • I like the post, different thinking.

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