‘The Web Blend’ Is Getting a Facelift, so Here’s an Exclusive Sneak Peak

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'The Web Blend' Is Getting a Facelift, so Here's an Exclusive Sneak Peak Image

I started The Web Blend because I wanted a resource that would centralize a location for all design news and trends. With RSS feeds and twitter we see new articles and links everyday but there is no order of importance, usefulness and organized way to categorize these links. The Web Blend does just that. It’s an easier way to search and navigate to what topic you’re looking for and the new version will give you an option to promote the best articles.

The reason I’m giving The Web Blend a facelift and a relaunch is simple. I wanted to upgrade the look and feel and at the same time give the end user more control. It is also more interactive between users giving them the ability to create profiles, personalize submissions and all in all just a more dynamic website.

The biggest new feature is that this site is being created using Drupal and not WordPress. Using Drupal gave me the ability to create much more functionality for the purpose I was looking for.

Another big feature you can expect from the relaunch is replacing the number of views with the ability to vote on and promote your favorite articles. Other features the ability for the user to login, submit an article and have it appear immediately without admin acceptance.
You will still be able to retweet and share socially, but these functions will also look different and more compact.

Look for the new release to come sometime next week (August 24-28) and in the meantime check us out and subscribe to stay current with the latest in web related news and trends.
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*Inspired by Design Bump and Designmoo


  • Nice work! Always love a collection of web design resources under one roof.

  • This is exciting 🙂

  • Andy, I believe WP is easier to use but so far I haven’t experienced any troubles with Drupal… It depends what you’d like to use it for.

  • How did you find the transition from WP to Drupal, I have been looking for a good CMS (ModX, halogy, EE) and Drupal seems to get a bad rap.

  • ha.. seems like all good resource websites get a facelift these days 🙂 first me and and now you. good luck with it and keep up the great work ! 🙂


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