The Top Browser-Based Tools

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I just received the new .net magazine - Summer 2011

I just received the new .net magazine – Summer 2011 and found a very helpful article called “The Top 25 Browser-Based Tools” and I thought it would be great to put in a list format with links for our readers.

Gathering Inspiration:

Digital Scrapbook:

Design and Build:

Testing and Feedback:

Browser Extensions:

Debugging Tools:



  • Thanks for the list! I’m just getting started as a designer and probably would have never stumbled across some of these tools.

  • @Lauro I usually do add a description but I figured that since the images were large enough and categorized that the readers would be able to figure it out… guess I’m just being lazy too!

  • Great list, although some one-line descriptions of what the various services are for would be good (luckily I’ve come across most of them before, but I had to open the other ones to check if they would be useful to me).


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